Our philosophy is quite simple: we believe that effective comms in the digital space hinges on three fundamental questions:
1. What is the purpose of your message?
2. Who is your audience?
3. What media is best suited to delivering your message?


Creative, Fresh, Innovative and Professional! It's not very often that I give a perfect rating, but David Gallant and his Comms 101 team definitely earned theirs! I am absolutely thrilled with the websites and online systems that they conceptualized, developed and maintain. I would definitely recommend Comms 101. They pay attention to detail, listen closely and understand and interpret your vision to the tee! Great job Comms101 - look forward to next time and the time after that!

The PathCare Group


Comms 101 is passionate about communication in the digital space. We believe that communication should be simple, targeted and to-the-point in order to be truly effective. Effective communication promotes lasting relationships, and we have helped hundreds of organisations to reach their stakeholders and get their message accross. So if you have something to say, let us help you say it: on time, within budget and with tangible results! [View our services]

Our can-do attitude and commitment to customer satisfaction has enabled us to work with some great local and international brands, creating enduring, mutually beneficial relationships. So whether you need a website that keeps visitors flocking back, eyecatching branding and promotional material, intuitive mobile platform design or the kind of presentation that clinches the deal - give us a shout. We guarantee you'll like us.


People are often intrigued by our name, and pronounce it in countless different ways. As custodians of the 'less is more' approach, we'd like to provide some clarity: "Comms 101" (pronounced 'one-oh-one') means "Communication made easy" - so there you have it. The pronunciation, and the meaning. Simple really. Now try us - you'll like us!